IBB GmbH from Thuringia/Germany produces individual components made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) for its customers. In addition to industrial fans and throttle caps, the company develops custom-made tanks and large pipe systems, which are manufactured using GFRP laminate. 

In order to be able to produce the pipes tailored to customer requirements, a model has so far been required to produce a tool for hand laminating on the basis of this model. A large amount of manual work, combined with an enormous expenditure of time and high costs characterize this process. Furthermore, if no master model with the desired dimensions is available, the exact dimensions of the component can hardly be achieved by manual modelling.

In order to improve this process and thus create advantages for IBB GmbH and its customers, the exact specifications and customer requirements were recorded first. With the CAD file of the pipe the model was printed. This was followed by the surface finishing of the hand lamination mould with a special resin.

IBB GmbH used the mould to laminate two halves of the pipe. These were screwed together, glued and installed at their application place.

3d printed and coated model
Finished GFRP pipe

Within one week IBB GmbH received the mould for the pipe. The high effort required to produce a conventional model was significantly reduced: A 50% shorter production time and a 30% cost reduction speak for themselves. In addition, the geometric tolerances could be reduced by the VFGF process, which is reflected in smaller gap dimensions and less edge offset at the transitions to the next tube element.

We made the production of a small number of pieces economical with our 3D printing technology. This enabled IBB GmbH to meet individual customer requirements and offer the special version of the tube at marketable prices. 

And our high-quality shape is durable: So far, many more pipes have been successfully produced using the same mould. As a result, IBB GmbH benefits not only once from our cooperation, but in the long term every time the mould is used.



50% time savings

30% cost savings

Advantage through innovation

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