Guitarists are unique people. The older the more this is true. Some just want to play the old stuff from way back when, everything from the strings to the speakers and the amplifier have to be “vintage” and at least 50 years old. Some sound freaks even swear to hear a difference when original “Mustard Cap” capacitors from the 60s are installed in the guitar. In an industry where some want to go back in time, pioneers have to come up with something to fulfill this with an innovation.

Dennis mit seiner E-Gitarre aus dem 3D Drucker

The CAD model for this guitar body was designed based on the classic 65 ‘Stratocaster. With a randomly generated “Voronoi” design, a very individual shape was created that makes each guitar unique. Of course, the integration of band or company names is also possible. In addition to the unmistakable design of the guitar, the weight is reduced in places where it is not needed for stability and playing comfort. In other places, however, the guitar was printed with 100% fill volume. This ensures that the pitch of the instrument does not change even after a few years. PLA, a very hard plastic with a high modulus of elasticity, was chosen for the production in order to increase the stability and durability of the guitar. The plastic is also compostable, made from renewable raw materials in accordance with EN 13432.

E-Gitarre aus dem 3D Drucker
E-Gitarre aus dem 3D Drucker

By choosing PLA as the manufacturing material, the sound is even better than with the old wooden body. The guitar sounds louder and has a higher degree of “sustain”. This means that the vibrations on this guitar resonate longer, which gives it a more voluminous sound. In addition to the improved sound, this one-of-a-kind also offers further functionality: the holes in the body not only look cool, the guitar is also very easy to grip. This is an advantage over many other electric guitars because the musician always holds his instrument securely in his hands when packing and unpacking. Our founder Dennis is very happy about his innovative electric guitar: “There is no other guitar that sounds and looks as good as this one. I am very proud of my innovative unique 3D printer! ”

What innovation will we print next? How about a 3D printed double bass?



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Dennis Herrmann

Dennis Herrmann

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