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Are you undecided whether 3D printing is the right solution for your product? Are you not sure which granulate will optimally fit to your high-quality standards? We will help and support you!

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With our application tests, we show you the versatile possibilities of additive manufacturing. Together we will figure out whether 3D printing is the right manufacturing process for you. We also advise you on the choice of materials and support you with 3D printing design.

The implementation of simulations and tests complement our offer. Then there is the possibility of having your individual product manufactured directly by us. If post-processing (surface finish) is desired, we would be happy to complete it for you.

A primary overview


XXL Blumenvase aus dem 3D Druck

Is your component larger than 400 mm?

You particularly benefit from the advantages of our patented 3D printing process if your component has an edge length of 400mm or greater in one direction of expansion.

Where is your component used?

For the correct selection of the material, tell us where the component is used. Is it exposed to strong environmental influences such as UV radiation or does it come into contact with chemicals?

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Q.big 3D VFGF Druck

What surface quality does the application require?

For the selection of the suitable surface finishing, please let us know which requirements you have for the surface of your component.

Our Method


1. Non-binding initial consultation

We find out whether and how your component can be manufactured additively. Arrange a free initial consultation with our 3D printing specialists now.

2. Checking the CAD data

Our 3D printing specialists ensure that your CAD data is suitable for 3D printing.

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3. Manufacturing with 3D printing

We manufacture your component and guarantee you 3D printing success!


As a consultant for 3D printing, we have been looking for a partner for large additively manufactured components at low cost for projects with our customers. With Q.big 3D and its large-volume 3D printing technology, we can now help our customers with large components.

Johannes Lutz

Managing Director, 3D Industrie GmbH

Further questions? Arrange a no-obligation initial consultation!

Dennis Herrmann

Dennis Herrmann

Specialist for XXL 3D-Printing

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