ThinKing Award in November 2019

In November our 3D printing innovation was awarded the ThinKing by the State Agency for Lightweight Construction Baden-Württemberg. Every month Leichtbau BW GmbH offers this presentation platform to innovative and sustainable products and services in the field of lightweight construction in Baden-Württemberg.

With the innovative VFGF printing process, the nozzle diameter can be changed during printing. As a result, the resolution and the pressure quantity can be varied. This variability enables fast printing of large and stable components on the one hand and fine structures on the surfaces on the other. The patented process is unique: no other process combines the printing speed and resolution as well and in line with requirements as the VFGF from Q.big 3D.

Dennis und Katja mit einer Blumenvase aus dem 3D Drucker

The advantages of our process become visible on this picture: At the same time, the VFGF process enables us to print the large vase. In contrast, the small vase was printed using a conventional filament printing process.

Both vases have a very fine surface structure. Due to the faster printing, there is no need to compromise on quality. However, there are big differences in the manufacturing costs. Not only the increased time required, but also the use of filament pushes up costs. The material costs when using plastic granulate, as used in the VFGF process, are lower by a factor of 10 to 100. This means that VFGF offers cost efficiency as well as speed and very good quality when printing large components.

You can access the ThinKing article about us via the following link:

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